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MaxiRex Formula

Ingredients are the backbone of any formula. They determine how it works, what it ensures and how it can help people. Therefore, MaxiRex formula contains only natural, thoroughly selected and top-quality compounds that have been tested and proven by time. Each MaxiRex ingredient is an important element in this herbal blend, which plays its appropriate role:


Muira Puama


Muira Puama is a well-regarded herb known as the Viagra of the Amazon. It works by increasing energy and vigor, promoting libido and treating impotence and sexual insufficiency. Muira Puama is also used to relieve stress and relax the nervous system. Some studies prove that this plant can enhance sexual desire, improve sexual function and make erections firmer.




Velvet was approved for the use by the FDA as it could help treat arthritis. This plant is believed to strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, and divert aging. It also possesses rejuvenating and protective properties.


Gingko biloba


Gingko Biloba has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for over 5,000 years. This herb works by supporting the functions of the brain and the nervous system. It is reported to stimulate more blood to flow to the brain to maintain mental function and increase blood flow to the penis in men to enhance sexual function. Thus, Gingko helps treat impotence. A study showed that 78% of men suffering from impotence reported significant improvements after taking that herb. In addition, you may feel better oxygenation and peripheral circulation.




Damiana is a well-known aphrodisiac. Its leaves have been used to improve sexual stimulation, promote vigor, and boost energy. Damiana is reported to relieve stress, depression, anxiety and nervousness, especially when they are related to sex life. This sexuality tonic brings more oxygen to your genitalia and restores libido in both men and women.


Avena Sativa


Avena Sativa is an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers and can help men last longer in bed. This natural Viagra is effective for men in treating premature ejaculation and impotence by enhancing healthy blood flow to the genitals. The seeds are rich sources of magnesium, iron and zinc, and help restore nerves in the body. They are safe as they do not interact with any medications.




Ginseng is used for general weakness and higher energy and is believed to as an aphrodisiac. This herb can both relax and stimulate the nervous system. It improves capillary circulation in the brain and reduces stress effects. So, it appears to relieve stress, depression and fatigue and enhance sexual function. Ginseng is generally considered to be a panacea or an al-healing herb as it can promote overall health.


Tribulus Terrestris


Tribulus Terrestris is widely used to boost sexual desire and treat erectile dysfunction in men. This herb is well known to increase testosterone levels, enhance muscle mass, and improve athletic and sexual performance. Tribulus Terrestris is believed to promote sperm production and treat erectile dysfunction.


Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne Pepper is added to Maxirex formula to improve the absorption of other ingredients. It helps the body assimilate nutrients so they can faster and easier get through the skin and start acting. Cayenne also regulates blood circulation, prevents strokes and heart attacks, restore tissues, and relieve fatigue. 

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How does Maxirex work?


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